Hack the Beach

Do you want to work on a hacking project that makes a real impact?
Join SRLabs for a month of intense security research in Malaysia & Indonesia!

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Hack With Us

Every year we invite the brightest and most creative hacking talents from around the world on an all-expenses-paid trip with the entire SRLabs team to work on cutting-edge hacking research.

Research Month:
Johor, Malaysia
February 10 - March 6
(Early arrival from Feb 6)

Presentation Week:
Batam, Indonesia
March 2 - March 9
(On the beach!)

What You Can Expect


We cover everything including flights and accommodation


Finish the month with something cool to present


Work with our team of world class hacking experts

A New Job?

We are always looking for talented researchers!

Who We Are

Security Research Labs is a Berlin based hacking research & consultancy firm with offices in Hong Kong and Jakarta. Our team of young, brilliant and incredibly motivated ethical hackers advise international companies on IT security and work on strategic research projects with the aim of making the world a safer place.

Our hackers are responsible for uncovering vulnerabilities such as BadUSB, Shopshifting and the Android patch gap. Meanwhile, one of our most successful Hack the Beach participants (now a colleague!) uncovered how the cloud exposes private IP cameras. Watch his talk here:

You could be the next to present your high-impact project from Hack-the-Beach at an international conference. We’d be honored to help you get there!

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Apply by: November 30, 2018
Selection by: December 7, 2018

Propose a Research Topic
All you need to do in preparation is come up with a realistic, interesting and original target to hack. If necessary, we can purchase whatever it is you want to hack on. A lot can happen in a month of focused hacking and at the end you will present your findings to our team. The result should, ideally, be something that could be presented at a conference.

Your Application:
1: Name
2: Location
3: Affiliation (if relevant)
4: Research goal/hacking target
5: Method outline/planned approach
6: Motivation for a month of research
7: Availability between Feb 6 - Mar 9, 2019

beach-2019[you know what to put here]srlabs.de

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